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excessively biting gum, painful ulcer

For the last 3 days i have had a mouth ulcer located on the bottom left of my lip most likely caused by biting this part of my gum excessively while eating. almost everytime i chew a sharp tooth accidentally bites into the ulcer 8/10 times it will bleed for a very short period of time. Today i was eating a apple and i yet again bit into my gum it bled for a few seconds and stopped. i looked into the mirror to inspect when i noticed what i believe it to be a very small peace of apple skin trapped under the gum sort of like a splinter but im not 100% certain this is the case. if so should i be worried ? what's the best way to clean it and what's the best way for me to stop biting this thing? Thank you for your help (i have included a photo its not the best of quality but it's the best i could do)
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Cheek biting is commonly associated with insufficient horizontal overlap of upper and lower teeth.Seeing a dentist is advised.
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This is very common, and it's difficult to heal because of where it is and you do keep biting it.  You can have the sharp tooth filed down a bit to solve your problem.  To help it heal, rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day with hydrogen peroxide, and spit it out.  You can also coat it with milk of magnesia which protects it from further irritation and will help make eating less painful.  You have to be very mindful of this and try not to chew on that side, and chew slowly and carefully while you have it and until you can have the tooth filed down.  
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