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frequent flyers and dental health

I have a project to do for my finials as a dental hygienist&therapist. I have chosen 'frequent flyers and dental health'  Special referance to business people and the effect of frequeny flying on their oral health.
I can not find any surveys relating to this topic.
Can anyone help with some guidence  - please

I was thinking on the lines of
Airport facilities or lack of
On board flight facilities and confinement
Effects of flying on the group of people in particular

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What about all the people flying to Budapest to get dental treatment? Access smile may be able to help a little. There on the net.
I have flown straight after a tooth extraction twice.  Even though feeling weak and aching. Sleeping on a cafe seat over night in the dublin airport, I was glad to be helped as Uk nhs wasn't.  I didn't care that I was swollen and probably people would wonder what as happened to me. The dentist in Budapest was so gentle of both accounts. I would travel all the way to Budapest again if I had too. I trust the dentist their. If you're going to another country to have dental work, people must feel uk or Ireland as let them down so much and are prepared to take the uncomfortable flight back. I was. Also I was given good pain killers to last for my journey home. This helped.  I was so ill with my teeth before and in pain. Coming back on the plane was no different. Pain but with hope of reprieval.
Hope this helps?
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you might try finding articles/surveys on length of time vs bacterial growth and maybe talk about the average length of time a frequent flyer spends traveling (maybe an article on frequent flyers in an online newspaper) and just connect the dots?

that would be a hard one to find info on.
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