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front tooth

five months ago I went to the dentist for the first time in 30 yrs.I had 4 teeth removed but before the removal of the teeth the dentist started to clean and remove the plague behind the front teeth. While he was doing This I felt a very sharp pain behind my central lower teeth.Since then I have had a burning sensation and also a feeling that there is a lump or scab of some sort which my tounge constantly brushes against.X rays have shown up nothing and I was told the pain would go away. I feel it is nerve damage and what I would like to know ==== Will it eventually ?or will I require root canal surgery, which I am worried about.Also I am suffering from anxiety and stress over this and wonder if this is causing the pain to continue. Any advice would of great help to me please. thank you
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Periodontal treatment procedure is not likely to damage nerve. The burning sensation of gingival tissue is probably because of incomplete root surface debridement or dysesthesia. Seeing a periodontist is advised. If periodontal tissue is healthy, it's probably dyaesthesia which is associated with neural dysfuction. Neural dysfunction is best managed by orofacial pain specialist.
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thanks for the reply but I am concerned still as I am about to see my dentist on thursday
and if he says I need a root canel do you think I should go ahead.Is there a chance I can leave it and ride it out although as I stated its been 5 month now and it is affecting my health. Has anybody had similar problems where it has cleared up on its own.At this moment in time I am confused.  thanks again scottma
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If there is no decay encroaching purp of affected tooth and electric pulp test tested vital,there is no indication of root canal treatment.Further investigation of the source of thermal sensitivity is warrented.
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