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front top adult teeth wobble

im 18 year old male smoker. about a year and a half ago i noticed that my front top 2 teeth slightly wobble these 2 teeth havent gotten worse and havent gotten better since i noticed it im in no pain becaue of this. the front set of teeth on the top are wonkly this is because when i was 9 ages old i had a tooth come down through the roof of my mouth behind the front teeth and off set the line of teeth that tooth got removed when i was 10 (i think). is my teeth wobbling anything to worry about? would there be any dental requirements needed?
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I definitely agree with turkee23.  You need to see a dentist ASAP.  Anytime a tooth starts to wiggle it is usually from bone loss or root absorption as turkee23 says.

Please get to the dentist.  Not to do so is to risk the loss of both of those teeth and it happens quickly.

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you need to go see a dentist and get xrays.....possible bone loss
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