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fungus spread over bottom lip/gum

i have an intense spread of what appears to be white fungus accross my bottom gum/lip. a week ago i had a small ulcer and 2 days later this spread came about. i'm 21 and have never had this issue.i pull my bottom lip and it bleeds.

ive been put on metronidazole as i went to a walk-in centre today but the woman wasnt sure as she wasnt a dental surgeon.

i have an exam in a few days and hence cant get to a surgery.  ive searched for pictures of what ive  got on the net but there is nothing that directly correlates.

do you have any idea what it night be. i suspect peridonitis or oral thrush but cannot be sure.

thanks in advance
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A picture would help, but from what you describe candidiasis (thrush) is the most likely candidate.  If you can rub the area with a soft gauze and the white material rubs off, thats indicative of thrush.  Your dentist will most likely put you on Nystatin.
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