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growth under tongue

yesterday it felt like i had something stuck under my tongue so i looked at it and saw a small growth and just figured it was a blister and left it alone. well, today it was still bothering me and, figuring it was a blister, i decided to pop it (not my brightest idea apparently). so, it's not a blister. i poked it several times with a needle and nothing came out. it's more like a fatty deposit or something. it's a clearish white color and a round, bump-like shape. i am very concerned that i have angered the cancer gods by poking this thing and would like to know if anyone has any clue what it might be. it grew in only one day which is why i thought it was a blister at first.

about me: i'm 28, male, smoke 1 pack a day, drink socially, have very bad teeth

daily meds: paxil, buspar, zyrtec

i have no insurance right now and can't afford to go to the doctor, otherwise i would. i know that you'll likely tell me to go have it checked out, but that's not an option right now, and i was really just hoping that someone might have an idea of what it is from what i've described and if i did something really bad by poking it. on the plus side, it actually does bother me a lot less since i poked it, like it relieved some pressure or something. thank you in advance for any help that you might be able to offer me.
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It may be difficult for me to confirm the exact cause of your symptoms without a complete clinical examination. Based on your symptoms it is possible that it is caused by trauma, canker sores, oral lichen planus,vitamin deficiency or burning tongue syndrome .Smoking and tobacco use are linked to oral cancer .It can cause a sore, lump, or ulcer in the mouth which is usually painless at first and may be pale colored or dark and discolored. A clinical examination is necessary for correct clinical diagnosis and management. See a doctor and get tested. I sincerely hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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