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hard area on mandible following extraction

I had a tooth extracted because of an abcess.  One of the bottom right molars.  Not on antibiotocs.  No fever, No dry socket.  Pain controlled with NSAIDs.  It has been 5 days and I notice a hard area on my jaw bone just under where the tooth was removed.  My jaw is sore but this area is hard (like bone) and  just smaller than a pencil eraser.  What do you think this could be?  Thanks for your help.  I heard crack during extraction but assume it was ligament.  It does not hurt when I clamp teeth down but obviously is sore (as would be expected).  
I have epilepsy and can't drive.  My dentist is about 2.5 hours from me and feel ok.  I would appreciate any insight you might have.

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Sorry.  I'm having a hard time imagining the exact spot.  How are you feeling this hardness?  With your tongue or finger?  If its hardness and its pretty sturdy, it may be just your jawbone although I don't want to imply you don't know your own jawbone from something else.  If it feels loose or moveable, it may be a broken piece of your jaw or tooth remaining in the socket.  The gums will normally push out small pieces over a period of time.  If it doesn't hurt or your symptoms improve, I would leave it alone and bring it up to your dentist next time.  If it worsens, go see your dentist immediately.
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hi this area is on the outside of the mandible- not under tongue.  I guess buccal side?? about 1.5cm from gum line.  
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