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Hi my name is Diana I have bad teeth wisdom teeth so much pain and it shoots up into my head and i get migraines because of them the other day i had five migraines in a row and now my lower left side of my mouth
is numb and i feel as if i have a infection from the wisdom tooth on upper left could the numbness be from the wisdom tooth?
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Normally people removes their wisdom teeth just for the growth for other teeth. Wisdom teeth has no function in our dental structure. So I suggest you meet your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.
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Yes, the numbness could be from your wisdom teeth.  If they are impacted (which it sounds as though they are) they can press on nerves.  Infection can also make the area feel numb.

If you are in that much pain, I urge you to make an appt with your dentist to have them evaluated ASAP.  Problem wisdom teeth usually need removal so they don't damage other dental structures in your mouth and can cause permanent damage.

Please make that appt.  Once pain starts with them, they don't get better in their own.
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