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i have 2 teeth that are abscessed and im in severe pain

went to the dentist this morning with a toothache which I had off and on...xrays were taken...I have two abscessed teeth next to each other...one is scheduled for extraction, the second one for root canal...I was prescribed amoxicillin 500mg and Tylenol 3...I tablet ev 6 hours as needed...I came home took my first dose..took a nap and woke up with a swollen lower jaw...right around the area that is giving me problems...pain is getting worse...swelling is about the same...can't sleep...too much pain...I just took the 3rd dose of the pain meds an antibiotics....I read somewhere about taking Benadryl in addition to help sleep...is that safe with Tylenol 3? im hoping this is getting better...its my daughters 11th birthday this weekend and im in severe pain...im only on day of the meds....I can't take this pain anymore....the extraction is scheduled for Monday...with pain like this I won't make it
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Extraction of offending tooth ASAP is the best approach to solve your problem.
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