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i have clearish bumps on my lower lip and under my tongue

I have these clear bumps that are raised slightly all over my lower lip. i also have red bumps all over my tongue the roof of my mouth also itches from time to time and i think there me bumps up there too, what is this is this normal i looked up about the red bumps on my tongue and they appear to be pappilomas or something they look just like them, so i figure that normal but whats with the roof of my mouth. notably ive recently been diagnosed with hpv are these clear bumps on  my lower lip just some normal thing they dont hurt im not going to try and pop them because there very tiny and dont think they will
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lol funny I keep running into you on here. You seem to be posting questions in my favorite forums to watch. Anyhow, I will give you the same info I left on another post in this forum a couple days ago.

They are Fordyce Spots. You don't get rid of them. They're perfectly normal to have and most people do have them. They are also found in the genital area as well. Here's a good link-
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