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i have scratched/burnt my gum?


I am 25, female, relatively healthy! I am really hysterical over dental hygiene and last time I was evaluated by a dentist (2.5 months ago), everything was fine with my gums/teeth.

Also note that 4 months ago, I had 2 lower wisdom teeth removed. The healing process was fast and without further complications.

Yesterday I had my regular cup of tea and then I ate some home-made muesli. The tea was really hot and I felt like it burnt my tongue and roof of the mouth but I didn't pay much attention. The muesli though had many nuts and rough edges (i had not "cut" it properly) and it really hurt my mouth. As I proceeded to brush my teeth later on last night, I noticed that there was a scratch on the gum/roof of my mouth in the last two upper molars area.It is not a gum boil, it looks like a real scratch and it is sensitive to touch with my tongue/toothbrush/ finger. Also, on the same side of the mouth, the soft gum where my lower wisdom tooth used to be looked slightly scratched too.

Today it feels better but the scratches are still there. I also think there's a tiny canker sore next to my roof-of-the-mouth/back teeth scratch.

Since I am all hysterical about dental hygiene, I don't know what this means and I don't know what to do now.

My dentist is on a trip abroad, I couldn't reach her on her mobile phone.

My pharmacist suggested gargling with saline or a mild mouthwash and taking some vitamin supplements to boost my immune system.

Could this mean something else?

Could it develop into something else, like an abscess or something?

What if an abscess forms?

As I have
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