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impacted wisdom teeth

Hello Doctor,

I have two lower impacted wisdom teeth that erupted (are exposed with a flap of gum over them)  about 5-7 years ago. I've been having dry eyes( eyelid gland dysfunction), eye pain, jaw pain, neck pain along left, middle side of neck and some burning sensations along my jaw area that started 3.5 years. I also have possible thrush.

I have a fracture below my left eye that was caused by a radiated head frontal lobe fracture. I'm wondering if bacteria possibly traveled from my wisdom teeth area, blood, then to my eyes or somehow through the fracture to my left then somehow my right. Blood tests don't show any sign of infection but maybe the infection isn't significant enough to be detected.

Have you read or heard of eye damage/atropy from untreated impacted wisdom teeth that caused microbial damage? I want to know if its theoretically possible that bacteria has traveled through the openings the impacted teeth have created into parts of my inner eye and around the eye from your dental field perspective. Thank you so much for your opinion.
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I can't say for sure but it seems highly unlikely that a lower molar would cause any eye problems.  Usually an infected lower molar can cause jaw pain and possibly pain in the ear area.  The infection will usually spread down the neck region and possibly into the chest cavity.  

An upper molar infection could spread up into the sinus area and can cause swelling around the orbit of the eye and close it shut possibly.  Or it some cases, it can spread to the base of the brain.  

But with any type of infection, it always travels the path of least resistance and no one knows exactly where that will be before it happens.  

Have you seen an ENT, opthamalogist, facial pain specialist, neurologist, etc?
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