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infection after extraction

Upper left molar #14 was extracted 8 months ago.  Prior extraction was experiencing ache on left side of face especially cheek bone & around eye, slightly swollen.  Asked for antibotics, he told me what I was experiencing had nothing to do with the tooth & seek medical doctor. Tooth did not come out in one piece.  Ten days later went back to dentist as sharp piece of bone sticking out of extraction site.  Dentist removed, said it was not uncommon & that everything looked fine.  I was still l having problems with swollen & achiness left side of face & both eyes were slightly swollen small blistery rash.  He gave me clindamycin for 10 days.  It helped.  A month later went to doctor eyes itchy & swollen with little blisters, little blisters on palms also.  Gave me script for hydrocortisone. To make a long story short, I have been to doctors 7 times since tooth extraction for aches face, jaw, neck, ears clogging, upper left arm aching, swollen glands under chin, as well as two chest colds, and also diagnosed with sinusitis.  I am now on my 5th round of antibotics in 8 months.  And each time I finish I feel good for a week or two and the symptoms return.  CTscan revealed no sinutis, yet I feel nasal congestion, & some lung congestion, still cheek tenderness above extraction site, swollen glands under chin, pain down left side of neck, achy upper left arm, clogged ears, tingling & swollen sensation around cheek areas & left eye, headache back of head & left side of head, no fever 97.6, sweaty in mornings went get up.  Went to another dentist today to see if any infection showed up on xray, none seen & he felt it was nerve related.  Maybe so, I will follow that lead, but not convinced I don't have an infection of some sort travelling through my body.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank You.
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Your symptomatology appears to suggest Stevens-Johnson syndrome and other visiculo-bullous disease, such as benign mucous membrane pemphigoid , pemhpigus .Seeing a dermatologist is advised.
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I had a root canal on tooth 15 and this is my 3rd week of clindamycin and I keep feeling this tingling feeling from my cheek bone to my jaw on the side where the tooth was infected.  I guess there was a bad abscess.  What could this lead too if not properly taken care of?  I'm concerned the infection is in my bone.
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