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infection cause paralasis in lips

Just recently I had an absessed tooth, for which I got antibiotics for.  One night I bit into a piece of an apple right on the side of my bad tooth, and somthing didnt feel right.  My whole lower jaw swelled and my mouth was in so much pain.  Needless to say I noticed my lower left side of my lip and jaw/cheek became numb, and has been numb since.  The swelling finally went down, but I can still feel like a hard bump in my lower jaw bone.  I am starting to get worried, that my lip and cheek is still numb...Is this normal?? Will the feeling ever come back? Should I be worried??
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this is diffinatly NOT normal! so the tooth is abcessed..what is the history? is it cracked, bad cavity ect? are you still on the antibiotics? has the tooth been treated? I would be calling my dentist 1st thing in the morning telling them whats going on...they might send you to a specialist. unless the tooth was treated for the infection antibiotics are just a temporary fix. say it was abcessed and needed a root canal, the antibiotics will only take the pain and infection away for a while but until the tooth is fixed youll have continuting issues. Ive never heard of numbness like that? sounds like nerve issues? like I said call you dds pronto and tell them what happened and they might send you to a specialist. infection is nothing to pay around with, you can get seriously sick from dental infection
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The tooth is cracked and bad cavity. I have finished the antibiotics. I have never experienced this numbness or heard about it ever either.  I have put off calling the dentist, because I actually have a dentist phobia.  That and, I really dont have any insurrance or means to pay for it.   But I know i will have to do something, and quick!
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