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infection under/around old root canal

I had a root canal 3 yrs. ago (approx)..the second from the last on the bottom..I also had a root canal on the one next to it (the last one on the bottom), this past year.
The former, has always had a bad "margin"..the gum is lower than the crown; doesn't attach in one spot.
I have had a vague on again/off again pain in that tooth since the root canal. It was a complex R.C.; it had needed to be done for 3 yrs, but it took me that long to find a dentist who would do it, since the problem never showed on xray...the canals had become ***? I forget the word.
Anyway, the last 2 weeks, I've noticed an increased discomfort while chewing,also foul taste, then 2 days ago, blood while brushing...when I looked, I saw the cheek side of gum all swollen & red, the tooth side all purpleish-red with something like pus..blood was seeping out from under the entire crown. Blood smelled foul. my neck has a swollen lymph node on that side, fever of over 99, went to dentist yesterday and she said I "must be still grinding my teeth."
She tried to make me feel it's my fault for not wearing my nightguard. However, she is the one who told me to stop wearing the nightguard, after my last root canal.
BTW, even room temperature water now causes a very bad pain in the inflamed area under my crown.
I had to beg her for penicillin because I am absolutely sure I have an infection. She claimed to have not seen anything.
She does this a lot.
I don't know what to think. The only endo specialist who takes my insurance is a 7 hour bus ride that I cannot physically handle. I did go once, last year, and he said the root canal was awful the canals look "anemic" and the margin is terrible. I really am extremely despondent over this. In additon, my dentist had convinced me to take out a dental credit card, even though I am on disability and can't work. I am on SSI and can't afford the large payments on that card every month. The collection agency is calling me every 5 minutes. (I just read about this same problem in Consumer Reports this month, re: the dentists pushing the credit cards to people who can't afford it.
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after reading my own post I wanted to add that I don't think I accurately explained the constant pain I'm having. I also want to summarize what I am trying to ask here, which is this:
Is it at all possible, that what to me is an obvious infection of some sort, could be caused by my bruxism?   I can understand pain from that, but not pus, fever, lymph nodes, bleeding...And really the dentist yesterday did not spend more than a second looking in my mouth. She said the xray didn't show an "abscess" , since that is the term I used when I made the appointment.
Please, any input would be appreciated.
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