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intense ear pain after wisdom tooth extraction

i had my wisdom molars removed 7/4/08 on the left side and i was suffering from extreme pain along my bottom left jaw.  went back to dentist and had a significant amount of food particles removed from the bottom hole where my tooth was.  pain along my jaw subsided, so now i'm eating yogurt, pudding, liquified foods to prevent pain from returning.  but now i have an intense ear ache and i don't know if thats normal. help!
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It isn't unusual to have the pain "travel" around the jaw or ear area.  Unfortunately, the nerves criss cross in the head and you can experience referred pain.  Pain medication that the dentist prescribed should help with the pain.  As the extraction socket heals, the pain and symptoms should subside including the ear pain.  

If the ear pain has intensified or is constant after a week since the extraction, I would consult with your doctor.
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