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jaw clenching


About two years ago I began getting headaches and waking up with sore teeth.  My dentist figured I was grinding my teeth and so I was given a night guard.  Since then I have been wearing, but I feel like its making the problem worse, even though it does minimize the soreness.  

Lately, I have been waking up with sore front teeth.  I think the night guard is wearing through or something.  I have tried sleeping without it.  I don't have headaches anymore but my teeth are still sore.  I honestly don't think the night guard helps get to the route of the problem.  What could I do to solve it?


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Hi, Jonathan,
   I think you need to go back to the dentist with your night guard. I think you're correct
to wonder if the night guard is possibly causing those sore front teeth. If it is then the night guard can possibly be adjusted a bit.

   I wear a night guard for tooth grinding, also. It's been adjusted a few times now.
Also, if you have dental work done, like a new crown placed, that changes the  shape of your teeth in that area and you may need a new (different) mouth guard.

   I fractured and lost two teeth before wearing my night guard. Don't be hasty in wanting
to get rid of it :-)
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Thanks for the reply.  I'll try see what I can do about the guard, but I might have to make do with the one I have :(.  I am in Czech Republic right now and the dentist that gave me the guard is in Canada.  I did wear my guard again last night and it seemed a bit better.  I certainly don't want fractured teeth.

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