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lost upper molar options

I am only 20 years old..im pretty worried now..
I have a badly decayed molar tooth (left side, 2nd molar) and finally got the courage to visit a dentist in years.
he said it can't be saved and I should have it extracted by an oral surgeon right away. he never mentioned what is the plan after that. I'm worried that if it is removed right now then I will end up with implant as the only option to replace the missing tooth which is be very expensive and I can't afford right now.
Should I get a second opinion? Is there another alternative to replacing a missing tooth without implant? and is teeth replaced necessary?? why ??
Please let me know what can i do now..
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Just follow your dentist's post op instructions (to help heal) and thats it.  
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so what is the next thing to do ? i dont need to do anything after the tooth extract?
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If its to the point that a dentist says the only option is to extract the tooth, thats usually the only good option.  When it comes to this, the only option to save it includes bone recountouring, rootcanal, post/core, and a crown...which would come out to more money than an implant with a smaller chance of success.

If you cannot afford an implant, best thing is just have the tooth removed and be done there.  People can easily adjust to losing a second molar and function just fine (80% of your chewing is first molar and forward).  At your age I would not expect huge amounts of bone loss in the next 4-5 years, so if finances better fit you down the road... an implant would not be out of the picture at a later time.  I have had many patients finish treatment with just first molars and been quite happy.
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