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lump on gum

I had a decayed tooth extracted a couple of months ago, and about two weeks ago I noticed a hard lump in the front of the gum where the tooth was pulled.  It's hard like a piece of tooth or bone, and it's pointy and feels like it's going to protrude through the gum.  What could this be?  I haven't gone back to the oral surgeon yet, but am planning on it.  Don't want to have anymore surgery!  Any input?
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I have had the same thing exactly. I thought the dentist left a bit of the tooth root in because it broke when he pulled it. He told me it is bone which surrounds the actual tooth roots and will go away in time. That was about 8 weeks ago and its still there but not as noticable, but still tender if I push on it. I also have some exposed bone on the rim of the socket where the tooth came out and that won't seem to heal.
If you get a different answer PLEASE let me know because I've had teeth out before and this didn't happen. I'm going to get another opinion but have to wait 2 weeks.
best wishes, Kev
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i was butchered by a dentist, on march 17th. had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted, and developed dry socket,. my gums are still swollen, and in the "socket", i can feel a piece/flap of skin that wont heal, and i wonder if it's going to stay there? i have had severe  jaw /ear/gland pain, its hurts my throat to talk for  long periods of time .i also feel as if my bite is off. last week i had gone to the neurologist where they diagnosed me w/ t.m.j.,and gave me a rx to have my facial bones x-rayed.they said the dentist did a "number" on the soft tissue in my jaw... i also went to the e. n. t.,to find out whats going on w/ my ear/throat pain. he told me the nerves are so inflamed from the extraction, that it will take weeks to go away....weeks....i had this done in march, and it's now may...i regret ever going to this dentist. i have spasms in my face/ jaw line.....and am still on narcotic pain meds.........i cannot bring on a lawsuit against this dentist, since he had had me sign a form stating if anything went wrong, he would not be held accountable.....had i been smart, and researched the possible complications w/ having a tooth extracted, before getting butchered, i wouldn't be in this perdicament. but how was i to know ??? i'm very angry. i hope you find out what the hell the dentist did to you......doesnt sound good....best of luck....
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I hope you get some relief. Thank god you are at least still getting pain meds. Its been 4 weeks and I have not had pain meds in almost 2 weeks and the pains agonizing. I don't even feel like the same person anymore. The pain has put me in a state of depression and hopelessness. What the hell is a person suppose to do when suffering like this? I hope you get better soon.
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im raquel414!  im the one w/ the pain meds....i havent been able to eat, so, i havent been able to take the pain meds....im in a severe state of depression .......so, i know how you feel....it's been one thing after another for me......how are you doing?
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