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lump under tongue

i have a lump (the size of a fat lima bean, maybe slightly bigger) under the left side of my tongue. prior to my dr. visit I
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Get yourself to an oral surgeon as soon as you can. Any lump that size should be removed.
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thank you.  just one more question:  an oral surgeon? not an ENT surgeon?  why? i have been told that an Otolaryngologist is best.  Is an oral surgeon one-in-the-same?  either way, i will be making an appt.

One concern: Drs are busy people (as you know), and their secretaries generally are strict about getting someone in immediately.  do you think i need to ask to be seen asap (not a week or two from now?) and how can i word this so that i don't sound like i'm panicking?

- 35 yr old woman
concerned in CT
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I have very severe oral pathology problems and an oral surgeon is the only option. An ENT doesn't really know much about oral diseases and anatomy. An oral surgeon on the other hand is a dentitst who has had trainging in disease of the oral cavity you may also want to find an oral surgeon who speicalizes in oral pathology but this is not needed.  

You will probably need a referal to see an oral surgeon so speak with your ENT or GP.
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thank you for sharing.  i appreciate it very much.
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I have a lump under the left side of my tongue and its getting quite large, 1" lond and deep. I asked family dr. to look at it and she didn't see it at that time when it was smaller.My dentist gave me an appointment for next month. I think its an infection. This is why, last fall I had chest pain and they did a d-dimer to check for clots. The test was very hi but no clot was found. I have gotten painfull joints and I am 33yrs.old. I am unable to lift more than 2lbs cause my arms and wrists burn. My neck and back,legs,on and on.I had ct scan,mri, and they are normal. Last week I got the chest pain again so they did the d-dimer which was a bit lower. 3 days later it was VERY high. No clots are found. The lump is getting bigger. The blood test showed a bacterial infection but she sent me to the dentist to get treated for their guess of a tooth infection. No tooth infection but I was given pennicillan and told to come back next month to have the lump looked at. The pennicillian makes me feel almost new but it didn't affect the lump.I'm off it now and typing is burning my arm/neck/fingers. Doctors say the lump has nothing to do with it all,but they found nothing else. The  chest pain deal showed a circuit block on the right side of my heart but the did nothing for it.Can this lump do it? I have left ear pain and headaches too. Amy ***@****
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I mistakenly didn't include its on the bottom of my mouth,if I curl my tongue down slightly to the left,thats where it is.
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