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Hi I went to see a dentist because I found a tiny lump on jaw line which can sorta move and be painful if I press it,he said because I have a wisdom tooth coming its a lymph node.its not growin and its been about 4 months but I'm starting to be be abit sceptical of his diagnosis any advise?
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Sounds to me as though your dentist is right on.  The lymph nodes collect bacteria.  If your wisdom tooth is trying to come in there is infection present, no matter how minimal.  The lymph nodes collect the bacteria.  They can stay swollen for months even AFTER the infection is gone.  If your wisdom tooth becomes impacted the lymph node will stay swollen.  Think of them as a cemetery for dead bacteria.  It takes a long time for the body to eliminate the dead bacteria they hold.  

Has he recommended the tooths extraction?  If not, and there is room for it to come through, the node should reduce its size after all has settled down.  This can take months and some lymph nodes can stay a bit swollen for a very long time.  If there is not enough room for the tooth to easily come in, get it extracted.  Wisdom teeth are really not necessary and if they become impacted, they can make all the rest of your teeth shift position.  

Hope this helps.
My best to you,
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Hi thanks for the advise!he said there's no reason to extract it at present but to keep an eye on the tooth.I was just worried the lump was more serious but feel more at ease now thanks
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I had swollen lymph nodes for months. I just removed my second lower wisdom tooth. I still have swollen glands. I am zoo frustrated.
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Im the same had tooth extracted 6 weeks ago & got a infection & my glands are still up & painful,
Hope u feel better soon
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