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missing adult teeth

I am wondering if medical insurance would cover missing adult teeth?  and having implants or bridge work put in.   My son was born missing a few on the top front and a few lower front;  he is 17 now and has worn braces and now wears retainers on top and bottom; and now is ready to have something permanent done.  I am a single parent that works full time I have dental and medical insurance but still cannot afford this.
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You can attempt to file a claim with your medical or dental insurance to see if they will pre-approve any necessary treatment but I would imagine that it probably will not be approved.  But I would recommend at least trying to see what can be done.

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Unfortunately , I do not have good news for you. We routinely send this type of claims to insurances and I have yet to see one get re-imbursed. It seems though that you have done all the right things for your son, and you are to be commended for that. I hope things work out for this part too.
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