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molar abscess

I lost a filling a few years back. Food woud get caught between the two teeth so I avoided chewing on that side since that's the only time it really hurt.
Over a year ago I noticed a lump in my jaw, under where the tooth was. But I never really had a toothache, maybe just a couple times and very short lived, like a couple hours. Is that "normal"?
I had the tooth pulled yesterday. The dentist said that now that the tooth is gone, the lump will go away too. It's way too swollen and painful to touch right now, but how long should it take for the lump to go away? I'm also on Penicillin V K, for 8 days now.
Could having this abscess and not knowing it account for feeling "lousy", generally unwell all this time? Or is it just a localized thing?. Or does it depend on the person?
Please let me know if you have any advice or answers I would appreciate it very much, Thanks.
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If your symptoms persist more than 3 days after extractuion, going back to your dentist is advised.
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yes having an abscess for a long period of time can react differently from person to person. the thing i would worry the most about would be having the infection spread to the jawbone. letting dental problems go on for years can cause serious health issues.
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