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mouth jaw gum and ear pain

after i wake up i experience pain in my jaw gums and teeth about a week ago i had a root canal done on an upper tooth but all my pain is my lower teeth. today i woke up to main in my ear as well.
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Seeing a dentist to rule out dental pathology is advised. However, your descriptions suggest non-odontogenous toothache, you may need to see orofacial pain specialist or tmj specialist.
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none of that sounds fun!! I keep thinking one day all the teeth are going to fall out of my head! And i dont want that.. My teeth are in really good condition. I brush and floss everyday. hadnt been to the dentist in three years until a few weeks ago i had my root canal done and four cavities filled. Im wondering if the cavity's being filled are what the problem is.or my wisdom teeth but i cant figure out why only at night am i experiencing pain.. this pain didnt start until after i went to the dentist.
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Is it possible that the fillings have altered your bite?  Have your dentist check it.  They use that little blue paper.  

You may also be clenching your teeth.  Having any dental work can make things in your mouth feel different and that make you clench down.  Clenching and grinding your teeth can cause alot of pain.

Hope this helps and you find a solution.
Best to you,
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