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mucosa reaction to dental resin

I can't seem to find help anywhere.  I had my two front teeth which were chipped repaired with resin.  She also filled a tooth and put resin where recession was.  Little  by little the teeth were getting fat (lol) my  partial and guard did not fit.  Four dentists, ENT, and Loma Linda Dental Dept. There was goo from top tissue falling down where I can roll is with my finger. They all thought it was saliva.  It is now swollen and painful.  I have Goo all over my moth tissue.  I had a scope done.  My PG though acid reflex.  OMG....... I am depressed and now scared.  I called and found only two dentists in LA county that were trained in mouth mucosa problems.  I went to see the one in Beverly hills.  I said I just want get this off my teeth and remove the resin.  He just did not get it.  He gave my a regular dental exam.  We must follow a plan.....$450.00.  He has called my ENT and I am on allergy shots.  I could go on but I won't.  I live in Palm Spring, Ca.  I don't know what to do next, my top teeth are covering the bottom...So much for a good alignment.  Can't eat.  HELP

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