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my girlfriend has severe bad breath problem

My girlfriend has a severe bad breath problem. She smokes regularly and has tried to quit many times. I consulted a  dentist  many times but problem persists. Wondering if we should visit a hypnotherapist.
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A dental examination is important for detecting the cause of your symptoms. It is possible that there could be an abscess or retention of debris under the bridge. A loose crown can lead to lodgement of bacteria under it and cause bad odour.Other causes of bad breath from mouth are tooth decay, sinus disease or gum diseases or reflux disease. Tonsilloliths can also cause bad breath, sore throat, white debris, difficulty in swallowing and tonsillar swelling .These are only possibilities. Seeing a doctor for accurate diagnosis is important. Do keep me posted.
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i thought i am the only one having such foul smell coming from throat for about 13 years now and is becoming stronger and stronger How can i get rid of it?
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