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nuts in my gums

i had a absess on the pallet of my uper gum  it popped while eating nuts and the nuts slid inside the skin to the bottom of my gum just above my 2 front teeth , they have been there for 14 mounth now and  dentist hospital and doctors wont believe me as they didnt show up on a xray but iv been ill since and i can feel them digging into my gum and sitting on a nurve causeing me headaches and fetegh    im realy worried as there is no way for the nutts to come out unless a dentist cutts my gums to remove them but as yet 13 mounth on im being treated like im a loonytune  what can i do ?
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Well, it seems odd that a nut can get trapped underneath an abscess and not be cleared out over time.  Perhaps the nut is dissolved already but there's some remaining pus in the area that won't show up on an x-ray.  Have they drained the area at all?

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