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old root canal abscess

I had a root canal and porcelain crown work done in 2007
3 days ago I woke up with a swollen cheek.
I live in Toronto and it was a mandatory long weekend so I ended up going to ER where I was prescribed Tramadol HCL XR (Tridural) once a day for the pain  and Amoxicilin 500mg (3 times a day for 14 days) for the infection. Doc thought it to be a gum or tooth abscess.
My dentist, like a lot of people here, decided to take some extra time off, I will not be able to see him before june 4, 13 days from now.
This lump on my gum is right under the molar I had work done, left lower jaw, it streches to the next tooth on either side of it, it did not change colour and there is no fistula or blister on it.
After researching a little around the net I've found this to be a very helpful board and I have a few questions for the doctors.

1) Is a fistula or blister that bursts thus relieving pressure and reducing a swollen cheek always present?

2) Although very painfull at first it is better now and unless I apply pressure on the cheek directly above the lump or when I open my mouth beyond a certain point. The tooth itself does not hurt, just a little discomfort could that be because of the sweling around it? I stopped taking the prescribed analgesic and now take OTC advil and tylenol extra strenght. Does that mean it could be something else other than an abscess?
After reading some of the posts they seem to cause horrendous pain.

3) I've read somewhere that there are acute and chronic abscesses could you elaborate on the difference between the two and what are the available treatments?

4) Left cheek is still very swollen maybe only a 10% improvement.   Does that mean the infection has moved on to softer tissues or could it be just the gum "pushing" it out? Is there anything else I can do to help that while waiting for dentist appointment? It seems to me that other people had significant better results as far as swellings once on antibiotics.

5) I had the root canal done by an entodontist 5 years ago if he had missed a canal or failed to clean tooth wouldn't this abscess have manifested itself earlier? Could I always have had an infection, however small, since I had the procedure?

6) This may be wishful thinking but is there any circumstance where the abscess may be treated with antibiotics alone?  without any kind of draining or drilling?

7) Since I already had the root canal do I have a better chance of getting this easily fixed or does that make it a more difficult case?

Thank you very much for your time.

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