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pain after filing

Hi I had a bad toothache for a week took antibiotics ( amoxicillian)  finally got to the dentist  they said I need a root canal  but they first open the teeth up and gave me a second temporay filing after 2 days the pain is so inbearable  I my teeth is throbing it feel like all my teeth top and bottom on the laft side are hurting even my nose I keep blowing it on that side( maybe sinus) I am taking 800mg ibuprofum  now its 4:27 am having foot cramps and muscle spasm.  what a night and got to go to work.  What can I do for the pain?  The dentist asked me if I had a crack  they the one who did the exray I dont know if I have a crack but we need to find out before the root canal. If I ever recover from this pain I don't know if I want anyone to touch my mouth again I want to tell them to pull them all I NEED HELP  How bout the detist was gonna send me home with no pain medication. what in the world  please tell me how long will I hurt/
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You probably need prescribed pain killer such as vicodin or codeine+ acetaminophen.It appears root canal treatment is not completed yet. Once root canal treatment is completed, the pain generally disappears.If there is extensive fracture and rescue of tooth is not possible, extraction is indicated.
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