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painless ulcer like lump in mouth


About six months ago I noticed that I had a small painless ulcer sized lump on the inside of the bottom row of my gums. I kinda ignored it, which maybe I shouldn't have, but today it is still there. I am pretty sure that it has not grown at all though.
The tooth above it hurts a little.
I am going to see my doctor in a few days but until then I am tearing my hair out with worry.
What are the chances that these two lumps are connected? Could the one in my mouth be anything apart from the C word????
I have pretty bad teeth if that helps.....

Thank you very much for you time.

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It would very difficult to give you any opinion without seeing the lesion, but i would say that any sore that does not heal within 7 to 10 days should be examined.
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sorry ignore the 'these two lumps are connected' thing.

i am only concerned about the small painless lump in my mouth.

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dos not sound serious-- if the tooth hurts it may be an abcess drainage point called a fistula. but you should have it evaluated.
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i hope not.  whenever i searched google I always find that 'small painless mouth ulcer' means cancer...
that is pretty scary.
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