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perforated 14th molar

i have a perforated 14th molar and I want to know if there is still a chance of saving the tooth or does it need to be extracted? The molar does not hurt but sometimes it feels a little sensitive (rarely).
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I will take a crack at this for you. First off, I think this is an interesting question that you have. Most people do not know that all dentists are not the same and their training are completely different. Read this post first http://dentalinformationblog.com/implant-dentistry/are-you-thinking-of-having-dental-implants-stop-and-read-this-first/01/12/2009

Then the question is , what type of training does your general dentist has to qualify them to do dental implants. Once you read this article you can understand. If there is infection forming, I would take this tooth out Yesterday! Reason being, this infection is destroying the bone around your tooth which is like GOLD for us. If the bone gets destroyed, if possible, then you have to go through more extensive surgery to rebuild the bone which is more costly, and time consuming. To find out about your dentist's training, you can go to www.top3dentists.com and find an implant dentist in your area that is highly trained. If a dentist is not listed in your area, you can email or call them and they can help you with locating one. Your general dentist, if he has the appropriate training would be a great person. For example, Dr. Nassery who had answered you above has an FICOI after his degree, which shows that he has had extensive training in Dental Implantology field and he has gone through testing by his peers to be able to get this recognition.
I hope this helps,
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Thank you for your response.  I've waited so long to take care of this because that molar doesn't hurt and I just don't want to do an extraction.  My general dentist urges me to have the molar removed and to have an implant put in because there is an infection.  My next question is should I get a specialist to do the implant procedure or should I let my general dentist do the extraction and implant procedure?
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The quick answer is that, if the root or the floor of the chamber was perforated, then it will have to be extracted, however, you need to make plans on replacing it, and the best option without a doubt is an implant. The longer you wait the more chances of developing an infection under there, and the more damage you would have in your bone, making an implant difficult.
Hope this helps.
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