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possible abscess?

Three weeks ago i had 9 cavities filled (under IV sedation) and had no problem until a few days after it had been done. I noticed a little bit of sensitivity in a few teeth which i thought as normal. I then started getting jaw pain (when i eat, if something cold hits certain teeth, and even for no reason). It's so bad that i will wake up in the middle of the night crying. The pain seems to be on my lower jaw/at the place where the top and bottom of my jaw meet. The pain sometimes will radiate up into my eye sockets, giving me migraines.  I've been to the dentist to get it checked since i know this is not normal for my jaw to be so painful. The first time i went, they made sure my bite was adjusted correctly, and they fixed it. A week later i went back (in even more pain) and was given a "root test". In one of my teeth that is giving me the most jaw pain, i failed the root test. Yet he put ice on it and used to drill to try to make my bite even more it caused so much pain i was flinching. If i had a dead root (needing a root canal) i wouldn't have felt the ice or the drill, yet he didn't see an abscess on my x-ray. He put me on a Zpack, which i have been taking for 3 days now. The pain is only getting worse and i'm having low grade fevers.  
Sorry this is so long. Could this be an abscess in my jaw? Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?
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