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problems after tooth extracted

I had a very, very difficult extraction of an upper tooth about 6 weeks ago and the tooth next to it (front one upper) is now sore and sensitive.
Dentist said it wasn't a good idea to extract it with the other one even though it has been extensively filled and a small pin put in by him in the past. Said it should settle OK, but maybe not.
If I gently press it sideways from the side where the gap is from the extraction it stops hurting and I can tap it without pain. It feels 'tight' also, and there is a sore spot right next to it on the socket which the extraction left. I pushed up on that spot with my toothbrush and it started to bleed a bit and the pressure and pain receded 90% for a couple of days.
It's come back now and feels like its most sensitive in my actual tooth rather than up into the gum where the root goes, and is more a nagging 'itchy - stinging' kind of ache rather than a nerve pain like you get with a really 'hot' tooth which the extracted one was. That was absolutely agonising and needed 6 injections when extracted and still hurt on a scale to 6.
This one waxes and wanes and I am using sensitive toothpaste. tooth Gel and a tooth de - sensitising Mousse which the dentist gave me, and yesterday the pain had almost gone. Today it's back, and feels like it's spreading to the tooth next to it, and to the gum above the extraction socket.
Its not [particularly sensitive to hot or cold, and I have a partial upper denture which I got when the extraction was done and if I wear that it seems to help the discomfort rather than aggravate it.
I can't get to the dentist for a few days and I'm not really sure how to approach things - he says the tooth is 'not too bad' and we must save it because of the denture, but doesn't seem sure what to do exactly.
I don't want it to flare up like the last one because that was an absolute nightmare, but this feels different - I can bite down on it and its sore but not 'nervy sore' - more like a wound hurts. Any ideas please anybody?
thanks, Kev
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