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red, yellow changing mouth ulcer!!!

Not sure if I injured my mouth last week or not (was drunk), but i was a little sick earlier this week with a fever for 2 days, night sweats, and chills, but now i have a cough and somewhat of a horse voice, but that comes and goes. I did do some heavy drinking and wearing down of my body the past couple weeks so maybe I was wearing my immune system down...

I have a couple smaller canker sores in mouth. One is behind my molar tooth. But I also have an irregular-shaped ulcer on my upper gums which were all red, then turned white, then kinda red again (for a minute it was almost black because it was so red I think?), but now is mostly yellow and red. Is that a canker sore, possible STD, or just some injury or scrape that is healing???? I've been thinking about this all week and STRESSING OUT to the max, worrying so much about it. OCDing about it.. Please let me know your thoughts.
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I've been reading online and it may appear to be a "major canker sore" as it's irregular shaped, came on suddenly and at the same time as my other smaller canker sores..

Anyone have any thoughts??
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