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root canal...

i had root canal sone yesterday, and the morning after i woke up  the right side of my lower jaw was really swolen- it i the side on which i had root canal done- im not quite sure if this is simply an infection or such, because when i was having this doen my dentist had told me that he disinfected the area very throughly. i would like to know what may have possibly caused this, or what could be done to get rid of it.
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A couple of things come to mind.  One, your jaw muscles could be strained and swollen from having worn the rubber dam and keeping your mouth open so long.  Also, some times one of the injections givien coul have gotten into the tendon and can cause pain and inflamation for several days. Try  stretching it often during the day and it should get better soon.
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i have indeed tried that yesterday- they gave me antibiotics...it only got bigger (imagine... chipmunk cheeks - that is half of my face + lip)
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It sounds as if you MAY have had a hypochlorite reaction.  This is the "disinfectant" the dentist uses.  This cab be really sore and hurt like heck.  About the only thing you can do for this is antibiotic, pain relievers and time.  Try taking Motrin with your antibiotic as well.  If you are still feeling this way after tomorrow - go see the dentist again.  Best of luck!
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