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sensitivity after 2.5 months

I had a dental crown put on my tooth over two months ago and it is still extremely sensitive to cold and hot.  I have trouble eating or drinking and am loosing weight due to this sensitivity.  I have been using sensodyne and and a perscription floride  gel for  a month plus as  well as 3 in office procedures to de-sensitize my teeth but nothing is working and I don't know what to do.  I have had problems in the past with sensitivity and problems getting numb before a procedure.  It usually takes the full amount of novicane to numb any area of my mouth.  The dentist says I just have extremely sensitive teeth. I am having to take pain meds on a daily basis and I am tired of the pain and sensitivity.  What can I do? Please any advice would help.  Thanks
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1. Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding and clenching.

2. Removing the nerve from you tooth is just another way of saying root canal therapy.

3. I would stop using the crest pro health mouthwash, because what ever is in the mouthwash could be aggravating your sensitive teeth.  You never know.

If you had the habit of using over-the-counter teeth bleaching products and if your teeth are "yellow." It could be a sign that the enamel of your teeth is slowly being stripped away to the point where the dentin of your teeth are exposed. Dentin is yellow. So the yellow you might be seeing on your teeth might not be stained enamel, but exposed dentin.

The hydrogen peroxide in teeth bleaching products is somewhat corrosive.

I would avoid eating foods with tomato sauce or vinegar, because the acid content of these products could aggravate your sensitive teeth even more.

I would also stay away from drinking soda, diet soda, ice tea and citrus juices. The acid content of these drinks could also aggravate your sensitive teeth.

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First of all thank you for your time! I appreciate your response.

1. don't use bleaching products, haven't in 3 months
2. I use crest pro health mouthwash at night
3. and I wear a night gaurd made by dentist  but that seems to bother that paticular tooth even more the morning after I wear nightgaurd.  I do clench though.

What is Bruxism? and how do I remove a nerve is that surgery?
Also What could I do about having a problem with getting numb?

Hope to hear from you, again...Thanks!
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1) Did you get a root canal on the tooth with the crown?  You might have to remove the nerve in order to desensitize the tooth in question.

2) Do you use teeth bleaching products?  If so, then you should stop.

3) Don't gargle with hydrogen peroxide.

4) You could be clenching/grinding your teeth in your sleep. Get in the habit of wearing a night guard when you sleep.  Buy a new night guard every 3 to 6 months.
And I would get one right away, especially if you're taking any type of medication, because bruxism could be a side effect.
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