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severe pain normal after root recanal?

I had a root canal retreatment 4 days ago and for the past two days have been experiencing SEVERE pain. Called endodontist about it yesterday and he said this is "normal" for up to 7 days following procedure. Is this true? I can understand mild or moderate pain but this kind of pain does not seem normal to me. I not only feel pain in the affected tooth, but in the jawline and tissues surrounding the tooth. It feels like a vice grip on my tooth and it is throbbing. I am on an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and am popping way more Motrin and Vicodin than I should.

I am also wondering just how necessary this procedure is. The only reason it was suggested is that I had a mild toothache for a few days, and the X-ray revealed what appeared to be an abcess beneath the tooth in question. According to the endodontist who performed the retreatment, one of the canals was missed this time around.

It is a molar, bottom left - #19 I believe they said.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I am suffering. Thank you!
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Your presentation is not uncommon. Deocclusion of afflicted may help ease the pain.
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Thanks for your input. What do you mean by "deocculsion of afflicted"?
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selective grinding of root canaled tooth so that there is no contact with opposing tooth
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I had the same symptoms after my root canal. I was in SEVER pain. I was given a pain reliever and was told to put a heating pad on my jaw joint. The pain was unbearable. I missed three days of work, but the pain finally subsided.
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Thanks for writing. I'm so sorry to hear you had to suffer like that. I know what you mean about "unbearable" - it really is!

I'm on day #7 now and still in some pain - taking Motrin 'round the clock and hoping it will get better, fingers crossed.
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You sound like a dentist (or endodontist) - are you?

Not sure how I will achieve "deocclusion" - maybe once final crown is put on?

Still suffering on day #7, though the pain is a little bit more manageable. I do feel some numbness when I press my finger against my jawline (near my ear), though, and that has me worried.
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