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should I be used to my dental implants by now?

I had a bone graft and implants done a year back, with the crowns being screwed in about 6 months ago. I'm over the moon with them but it does sometimes feel strange, and I would of thought by now I would have adjusted. They are two front teeth (one central and one lateral incisor with a cap on the other central) and I had nothing there for 9 years so I'm Not sure whether this could be why?

Sometimes my lip feels slightly tingly or slightly itchy where they are but it's not painful I just become very aware of it. Also also my nostril above can feel a bit like I've gotten chlorine up it like when you go swimming or like I have a runny nose.

I've had an annual implant review and a load of X-rays (even one up at hospital in the oral surgery part) and everyone says everything looks fine.. the doctor at the hospital said it does sometimes affect the feeling because of the extent of work done but when looking online it seems they are supposed to just feel like normal teeth?

Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm just so worried something is wrong! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Your descriptions suggest presence of dysesthesia/paresthesia,if occlusion is o.k., you may need to see an orofacial pain specialist .
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