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sinusitus or tooth infection?

i began to feel pain in one of my teeth a few days ago. The tooth hurts when i apply pressure upwards or forwards. My cheek right above the tooth and next to my nostril has also swelled up. The tooth is perfectly fine, no decay of any kind. The gum above the tooth is also perfectly fine. I had an abscess tooth before (oddly the exact same tooth just on the opposite side) about 2 years ago. The constant pressure feeling is the same but the swelling looks slightly different. When tapping my abscessed tooth there was incredible pain but now when i tap this tooth the pain hardly changes. The gum tissue above my abscessed tooth was also very sensitive, dark pink, and began to develop a boil. There is no sign of that this time. Salt water relieved pain completely when i had my abscessed tooth but now salt water has no effect whatsoever. I went to the doctor and he believed it to be sinusitus and prescribed antibiotics and saline nose rinse. I am concerned because it has been three days and the swelling and pain has not decreased. Should i consult my dentist now? Is this sinusitus?
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Seeing a dentist is advisd.
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I had nearly the same symptoms. Bacteria had getten trapped above the gumline and an abscess formed above the tooth. My cheek and nostril swelled all the way to my eye. The fluid buildup had to go somewhere and finally went into the sinus cavity and eye duct. My nostril and eye leaked fluid, relieving the pressure and the abscess went down. In a way, you could say it was a combination tooth abscess/sinus infection since it affected both areas.
Along with warm warm salt water rinses, try placing a very warm, wet wash clothe over the cheek and nostril several times a day.
Hope that helps
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