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spots on my tongue

I am a 28 year old female.. For the past few years I have been getting what I can only assume to be Geographical tongue. I have made that assumption on my own based on my own research done on the Internet.
Anyway, I am also an epileptic, so when I seize, I chew my tongue, which has caused me to scar the right side of it giving it some what of a bumpy appearance.
The reason why I bring this up is because when I get this geographical tongue, it is always in the same spot.
The right side of my tongue where the scars are located.
First my tongue turns a terrible white, dry color, and then I get a bright  red bald patches over the entire right side of my tongue. It is absolutely disgusting.
The reason why I am starting to become more concerned about it is because, aside from the way it looks, it use to be that I would get the patches every couple of months. Maybe three times a year, for a couple of days. Now, it seams as if I get it every month for a couple of days.
also, this time along with the red bald patch, I have a small white spot.  This is something that has never happened before. I do also get cold sores on my upper lip once a year or so.. Could this white spot be a cold sore inside my mouth?? It certainly does not look like any of the pictures of oral herpes posted on the Internet.

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It is impossible to diagnosis something like this without seeing it so I would strongly suggest you consult an oral surgeon for a definitive diagnosis.
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Concerning your "red bald patches"
I am 43 yrs old and have been experiencing these red bald patches about every 2-3 months just over the last 12 months.
I thought that is was related to a food allergy but I am not so sure at this point, mine only happens on the left side of my tongue. One dr. did comment on the whiteness surrounding the red patches, so perhaps my red spots do start with the white dry color as well and have not noticed that as part of the process.
One thing that strikes me is that I have been taking a drug that is designed for epilepsy but I take it for anxiety. Perhaps this may be a drug reaction?
I know that my issue is not geographic tongue, it does not match up so I am looking for a solution.
Please keep in contact if you find out any info that would be helpful.
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