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strong metallic taste in my mouth

I was to the dentist ,one week ago,he put me a couple of fillings .
Since then,I experienced a lot of strong metallic taste in my mouth,I can't eat almost anything,because the taste of the food is changed.
I Know that this strong metalic taste is from amalgam filling that t contain mercury.
I asked the dentist and he said to me that the filling is not with mercury.I paid a lot of money for this and I don't have insurance.
The asistent  said to me that is silver filling,and I read on the Internet that in the composition has mercury(is an white material)
Now,I think to go to hospital and take the level of mercury in saliva.What can I do?I have to study for my exams ,and I can't.
please,if somebody experienced this event,please,give me an advice.Thanks.
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If you had a white filling placed then it does not contain any mercury. If you did have an amalgam placed it does contain a slight bit of mercury and this is not dangerous to your healh. The ADA has just come out with a statement for upteenth time that they found amalgam restorations to be safe for the public.As far as your taste usually amalgam restorations are premixed and do not have this type of an effect. If it is from the amalgam it should not last but a short period of time.
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Thank you very much for  your answer.
It is possible that bitter taste(because  now I feel bitter) come from remove of a silver filling?I've  put recently 3 white filling in my mouth.
or from self etching-primer from resin-composite filling?
I read somewhere that  it contain phosphoric acid that is bitter.
It can be possible to be this cause of my taste?
Thank you very much.
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