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i went to the hospital yeasterday cuzz mt tooth was killing me they gave me HYDROCODONE and PENICILLIN and they told me i had a INFECTION....Well later on that night my jaw began to swell after takeind the meds..Now does that mean it is working or is thar someting eles going rong i know i need to go see a dentist but i have not been to one in over 15 years and i am working on go to see one now but i am broke and dont know how to go about it...soo is the swelling good or bad ???
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The swelling is bad.  If it continues to swell, thats a really bad sign.  Give the antibiotics another day or so to work and see if the swelling stops or shrinks.  If it continues to get bigger or it starts giving you problems such as swelling into the neck area or closing up your eye.  
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Hello Mark Mullins I am Doctor Mcluskie,

I Have a completely different Answer for you,

No, A women I was working with had the same reason as you ,I gave her Antibiotics (HYDROCODONE and PENICILLIN) and her mouth and Jaw started swelling up and going very sore and she just kept taking her Antibiotics and about a week later she came back for a quick run over check-up and her mouth was perfect but still a little bit swollen ,

So Mark you should keep it going for about 6-7 days but if it does get any bigger in swelling cut it to about 3-4 day short.

I have a question for you - How many injections did you het in your mouth? Because thismay cause more swelling and may take longer to swell down if you got alot of injections?
Thankyou please reply  
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I agree with Jerome Tsang that swelling of gums is bad so i want to share some home remedies that you can do to avoid swelling of gums

1.Add salt to warm water and rinse your mouth with it. The proportion of salt should be high i.e., 3 tbsp of salt in one glass of warm water. Gargle with this water and let it stay in your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Swoosh the water around inside your mouth so that it covers your teeth and gums thoroughly. Do not rinse your mouth with plain water immediately if you want to have relief from the pain for longer time.

2.If you suffer from swelling and infection in your gums more often, make a habit of brushing your teeth 3 times a day. Do not forget to rinse your month after every meal. Carry out proper hygiene.

3.Try to floss daily and make it a habit. However, when there is swelling and pain, you will find it difficult to floss.


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