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swelling after crown fitting

I just left the dentist I was seen for crown fitting, I was there for about 2 hours.  Before this appt I have had a crown lenghthening about a week ago and a root canal about 2 weeks ago.  Now today they fitted me they put a post and did the fitting it was painful.  The dentis had to numb me several times.  After the procedure I went to the restroom and I noticed a bump on the bottom right side of my cheek by my jaw its somewhat swollen.  They told me that it was not normal the dentist gave me antibiotic and ibuprofen. I need a second opinion. please.

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I wouldn't say its normal after a crown fitting but I wasn't providing treatment so I don't know what else may have happened to cause it.  As long as the swelling is gone, I would leave it alone and just watch for any worsening symptoms.  

The swelling may be due to the anesthetic fluid from the injections.  It should go down pretty rapidly if that's the case.
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Can't seem to get rid of a gum ititation that I have had for some time now.  Upper right inner part of gum by tooth that recently (month ago) had a crown put on.  It was irritated way before then. Mouth has a metally, saltly taste on that side. I have explained it to my destist and he seems to understand but is puzzled. He said it is red and kind of swollen. He put me on an antibioltic - Metronidazole (250MG) every 6 hrs. - and I finished the scrip yeterday, but has not seemed to make a difference. I have tried salt and baking soda with periocide and some of the mouth washes on the market for irritated/sore gums but to no avail. What do you think?

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The dentist started my root canal on October 5.  I have been back several times to finish the root canal and every time he says it is too infected to finish.  I am in a lot of pain.  Have taken 3 complete bottles of antibiodicts (all different kinds) and nothing seems to work.  My jaw has been swollen for a month.  The dentist says some people take more time than others????  What should I do.  I have paid him over 2000.00 already.  I can't afford to start w/ a new dentist.  The pain is becoming unbearable and I'm really worried about infection spreading throughout my body.
Pleas help.  Thanks

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