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swelling in cheek

I had a crown put on #13 in 1995, about 6 months later I had to get a root canal on that tooth. This year I had sensitivity to cold on #14 and my Entodonist recommended RCT. I had the RCT done in March, three visits total. My reglar dentist did the core to prep for a crown. In June I started getting pain in my cheek by my nose. An xray showed an abscess involving #12 & #13. My dentist and entodonist recommended RCT on #12. That was done in July. The abscess didnt resolve and I started getting swelling in my cheek. They then recommended that #13 be extracted. That was done in early Sept. The abscess resolved and the extraction site healed good. But I still have swelling in my cheek. I had a 103 temp and enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, both sides in October. I went to ER and they gave me IV antibiotics and a script for Amoxicilian, during the other RCT and extraction treatments I was given Clindamycin. I visited my oral surgeon and he did a panarama xray and didnt see anything out of the ordinary with the teeth. He suggisted I visit my entodonist to verify I dont have a cracked root ot tooth. He couldnt say why I had swelling in my cheek.

I visited my entodontist and he did tests (hot/cold/shock) and I didnt have any reactions on any teeth on the left side. He said I should visit my doctor to see why I have swelling.

I visited my doctor and he examined my silivary glands by my ears and said they are not swollen and said I should see my oral surgeon and he then gave me a script for Clindamycin. I'm getting tired of this run around, should I see an ENT who specializes in Silivary gland issues or go back to my oral surgeon?
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My goodness, this is crazy!  I think it all goes back to all the root canals, something is obviously not right.  I think it's a problem your Endodontist caused and doesn't want to be bothered with. I would contact this Endodontist and get a copy of all your xrays and file and seek a second opinion from another.  If it turns out to be a problem with what he did, demand to be reimbursed for all your expenses, he sounds money hungry to me and now doesn't want to correct any problems he caused.
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My original entodonist noticed the filling in #13 was not the usual material and suspected the "filling" of the RCT thru the crown was not proper. That dentist is long ago retired. I did switch entodontist last week (I should have mentioned it). My old entodontist wouldnt fess up to doing the RCT on #13. I even went to follow up visits every 6 months and she didnt say anything about the "improper filling" that my dentist did on it.

The new entodonist was the one that did all the tests. I'm hopeful that this will quiet down in another day or two. If it dont I'm going to my doctor and demand a referral to a specialist.  %$#&^$ HMO health care.
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