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teeth healthy soft foods diet

I recently had 2 lower molar teeth removed on both sides of my mouth and have a bad history of cavities.  I am currently on a soft food diet because of the extractions.  Will a soft foods diet, no chewing help prevent future cavities and what are healthy soft foods I can eat that won't cause cavities. I know yogurt and cheese are good, but what else, what can I have for dinner, what fruits and vegetables are less sugary and acidic, are mashed potatoes okay or too starchy and thus would potentially cause cavities?
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Thorough and prompt cleaning after eating is the key, along with avoiding soda pop which has phosphoric acid and will soften your teeth even further.

Any food residue left on / between your teeth, is apt to lead to bacteria / cavities / gum problems.

Brush after every meal, floss once or twice a day, consider using a Water Pik too or instead of flossing.
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yes, i don't drink any soda or eat any snacks, chips, cookies, nothing of the sort.  I brush after meals and do a thorough good flossing at night.  I'm just looking for suggestions of foods that are soft and good for teeth health :)
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If the foods are good for your body, they're good for your teeth (with proper hygiene).  As you appear to already know, a safe enough snack food is hard cheese (as it's not so fussy about needing to clean it off your teeth promptly).

Aside from avoiding calcium deficiency, I'm not aware of foods that are otherwise good for teeth.  Chewing's important (there's a downside to all soft foods all the time, they don't help keep your supporting jawbone in good shape, teeth will tend to drift everywhich way, possibly leading to cavity and gum problems).
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