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My teeth break off in bits, sudden with in 6 months I hardley have any left, don't have money for a dentist.  Why?
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I have the same issue my fillings all broke off within a year and every time i ate toast. Is there a remedy for this.
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Relax, take a long breath. It is because of lack of calcium in your body. If you don't have enough money for a dentist, then you need to eat those things which contain high amount of calcium. But at the end of the day you have to visit the dentist as he only will have the solution of your problem.
Visit the dentist which is having the latest dental equipments, so that will cure your problem as well as cost you very less.
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Are you on any kind of meds? Certain medication will give u dry mouth which causes the enamel on your teeth to become scarce, then causes tooth decay, and then will make your teeth start chipping away. I have had so much work done to my mouth because of medication I was taking and I never put the two together. I never had not even one cavity up until I was 24 yrs old, then the cavities started. I would get fillings, then pulled all 4 my wisdom teeth, because they were the first to start chipping away, and then it went from filling cavities to crowns, then root canals until just last yr having 7 teeth pulled. I've lost a lot of teeth and have spent a lot of money on expensive dentures to fill in what teeth I have lost. Anyways, it all started from the medication I was taking and if I had known that at 24, I would of stopped the medication then. But now it's 10 yrs later and I'm coming off the medication and have spent so much on my mouth but it's still not done yet. So I decided until I'm completely off the meds, I will leave my teeth  how they are. What can help is the tooth paste, Biotene and mouthwash. Also you can get the Sensodine toothpaste with enamel repair in it. And always drink a lot of water. Knowing what I know now, I woulda started dealing with the issue sooner. But just get the toothpaste and mouth wash and drink lots of liquid and brush morning and night, and you can catch it before it gets worse, if it isn't bad already..... those options will give you some more time to try and get a dentist, which is hard as an adult and is very expensive..... Or just get all your teeth pulled out, which is about $100 a tooth, at least my dentist is. It sounds awful but you will not have pain or any  abscess from infections! Hope this helped, GOID LUCK!!!!
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