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throat discomfort caused by abscessed tooth

A year ago i started getting a feeling of something being stuck in left side of my throat i went to ENT and went on the waiting list to get tonsils out, got them out 2 months ago and it didnt clear up the feeling in my throat which i have 24/7 . when i clear my throat i am always spitting out this slimmy feeling saliva, in the morning when i clear my throat i get some yellow phlegm then it goes clear white colour for the rest of the day. I went back to ENT a month ago and now he thinks i have post nasal drip causing the feeling in my throat. Sometimes i feel a running sensation going down the back of my nose. ENT put me on nasal sprays = Rhinocort and Fess sprays. i have been on them for a month with no change i still have the feeling in my throat. A month ago my tooth at the top back of my throat was starting to throb and hurt when i ate anything and the gum around it hurts when i touch it.  I went to the dentist yesterday and she said the tooth which i had root canal done around 10 years ago has got reinfected and caused abscess. I also need another root canal on another tooth along with 2 fillings. I can either get the 2 teeth that require root canal extracted or get root canal on them. I am beginning to think the absessed tooth at the top has been the cause of my throat problem all along. Could i be right in thinking this???? The absessed tooth is on the same side as my throat discomfort. I think it is all connected.
Any help would be great as i have been putting up with this feeling in my throat for over a year now. It really gets me down. I go back to the dentist tomorrow to get my fillings. But i have to go somewhere else to get the root canal done, when i get the root canal done do you think it will fix my throat discomfort/infection aswell???
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Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I went back to dentist as my abscessed tooth well the gum at the side was getting more swollen and i was getting a warm sensation and heaviness on that side of my face and eye. The dentist had to cut into the gum and drain the abscess and put me on antibiotics and pain killers. i am going back in a couple of days to get the tooth out. Hopefully when it comes out all my symptons should start to go away. Im sure all this discharge (phlegm) that i am constantly having to clear from my throat is coming from the back of my nose (sinus related) which is caused by the abscessed upper molar tooth. All my symptons are on the same side as the abcessed tooth.
I myself have a bad tooth..its the top left last molar..my first symptom was I noticed a little bump on the roof of my mouth on the same side of tooth.then I have some cheek pain..then my throat is having inflammation all on the same side.its hell I can't swallow food the same.I went to see a Gi doc and a ENT doc and the told me it was acid reflux.so rite now im at a fork in my life don't know which road to take..Patrick of Albuquerque NM
I am fairly sure the tooth is connected. I have had an infected tooth removed the healing time perhaps will take 10 weeks. Before the tooth was extracted the infection had nowhere to go and despite the infection not being severe enough for antibiotics  it was necessary to allow the infection to drain. Within the day of the extraction my throat became uncomfortable and my theory is that the infected material draining from the tooth slips down the throat and because the throat is a defence active area it is inflamed as it is irritated  by the infection. This is the second time this tooth has been worked on and the previous time when a cyst was removed and an eopecectomy(the cutting of the tip of a root canaled tooth root) was performed; involving at that time a bone graft and antibiotics; on the same day the same uncomfortable throat was present.
I am experiencing the same issues.  Sore throat after (and before) root canal.  Still draining as well.  Feel they are connected.  
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Your throat problem could very well be related to that tooth.  With molar teeth, the roots generally extend up into the sinus area and when they become infected it can also infect the sinus.  It is good that you are getting that tooth out as it is the source of your infection and swelling in the face an eye.  
Good luck and let me know how your extraction goes and if your infection clears up.....
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Hi Again
I got the tooth out 8 days ago and my gum area around the tooth is still very sensative and uncomfortable, when i open my mouth and move my lips around its not so much sore just feels tight and annoying....i finished my amoycillan 500g yesterday and i also still have my sinus problems....i can feel the mucus trickling down the back of my nose and accumulating in my throat and causing this costant lump in my throat. Now and again i get a slight pain in my throat where it feels like the build up of mucus is. I dont know if the abscessed tooth was the root of the sinus probs....but i have also heard that it can take a while for sinus infections to go away.....some people have several repeats of antibiotics..... Since i got the tooth out i dont seem to be hawking up yellow phlegm in the mornings anymore, it just seems to be the clear slimmy stuff that comes out the nose. Before i found out about my abscessed tooth i was at the ENT and he put me on nasal sprays which have done nothing, anyway i have another apointment in a few weeks and i have to go for a cat scan before i goto the appointment with ENT. My ENT knows nothing about the abscessed tooth. I am at my wits end with this sinus thing......i dont know if the tooth caused the sinus problems and now that the tooth is gone i was hoping it would all clear up...... i found it strange that all my sinus probs are on the same side as the abscessed upper molar, so i was sure it was all related to the abscessed tooth. maybe i just need more antibiotics and time for sinus infection to clear up. Hopfully cat scan will show what the problem is?  
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Its been about 7 weeks since i got my tooth out and i can eat on that side without it hurting unless its something hard i am chewing........but the side of my face where i got the tooth out still feels swollen and uncorfortable and sometimes warm..........a friend of mine said it can ne like this for a few months, i dont know if thats true but the feeling doesnt seem to be easing off...........i had my ct scan and went back to the ENT........he had another look and said he cant see anything to work on! he said my ct scan said i have minimal mucosal thickening in the left maxillary antrum and no other abnormal findings. he showed me on the scan that around where i got my tooth out was inflammed and that this is the probable cause of the mucus running into my throat and causing me the build up of mucus in my throat.....he said let nature take its course and it should all heal up when the inflamation goes away.
I dont know about that diagnostic, nothing seems to be getting any better.........i am going to see another dentist in a couple of weeks to get another filling as the dentist who done the extraction missed a filling, i am not really happy with that dentist so i am getting a second dentist opinion.
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Hi, I just read your many posts, and I have a very similar issue. I am very curious about what happened with your symptoms and if things got better with time. if you would be so kind as to reply Back, it would be much appreciated.


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Was hoping for follow up too as I am having problems and multiple tests, scans and scopes and none of them give any answers.  The past few weeks, I am now always trying to hack up what feels like phlegm.  Sometimes I do and it clear. Also have the 24/7 feeling of something stuck in my throat.  I am having major dental issues.  My top teeth and bridge on the left side are loose and sore up to the side of my nose, not swollen.  I wonder if the teeth issue is causing the throat and phlegm issues.  ENT docs and dentists  can't figure this out. Ct scan didn't show anything in the sinus area.
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Any word? I am going through this now. Same issue with the rootcannel gone bad and had it removed over 2 months ago. Still have this gunked up mucus feeling in the back of my throat! Did they find out what was thematter? Did it go away?
I have a bad tooth on the upper left last tooth on back..im having throat swelling and the whole nine. I would like to compair notes. .thanks Patrick  
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I too have a cyst above back molar on upper left which was a former root canal tooth of approximately 15 plus years. Thought I had alergies was allergic to nothing alergies said we can do a cat scan. Which I agreed it came back allergist said everything looked fine in sinus. Took it to my general doc they to said ct scan looked fine. Took matters in my own hand went to good ent and he identified the cyst in 10 seconds. Kinda put off the whole thing but Will be going in soon to have tooth removed. Have been also notice weirdness with swallowing comes and goes but staying longer now
Wondering how you made out. Having similar issues with my throat before and after my root canal
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Anyone having pRobles shallowing there food like they got to eat very slow to make sure don't choke ad drink thought a straw to make sure they dont choke
My issues are similar but I'm in north Asia where communication is very difficult.  Have had a sore throat on and off for a year coupled with sinusitis and snoring, which dries out the mouth and throat.  Then a couple of months ago the gums around a lower left molar became swollen due to an abscessed tooth.  How long has this been going on?  And yes, the tooth is on the left side, the same side as the pain in the throat.  Have seen local dentist several times and will probably have this tooth extracted, though the experiences on this page aren't really encouraging.  Think about it.  A chronic abscessed tooth leaking whatever-it-is constantly down the throat, a throat already compromised by dehydration related to snoring.  Not only that, the sinus fluid also leaks down the same aperture.  Holy moly.  Hope pulling this tooth out of there will cut back on the septic trickle.  Best of luck to everyone!
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