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hi about 9 years ago i had severe jaw and neck pain and i saw an oral surgeon who told me i had tmj so i wore an acrylic splint on the top part of my mouth. i wore it for 2 years with no relief so then i went to another oral surgeon who said i was wearing the wrong splint and made me a soft one that went on my bottom teeth and i wore that for 3 years and went monthly for adjustments. i got no relief so then they did an arthosentesis and i still got no relief. now i use no splint and i am under pain management (neurontin and baclofen and lexapro for the anxiety) for my severe jaw and neck pain. i have tried all remedies and have gotten no relief yet the pan and seth that i had taken showed i had tmj. can you please comment on this. thank you
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Two things that I can gather from your experience and discomfort. I do not specialize in TMJ dysfunction. First you must understand that some TMJ problems are associated with stress and anxiety. I do not know if that is a factor in your case.If the pain and discomfort are as bad as you say then my suggestion is that you see a doctor that only specializes in TMJ dysfunction. You probably can get a referral from either your general dentist, your local dental society or a dental school if there is one in your area.
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