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tongue growth

my daughter at 5 years old had a tongue leasion removed.  It was a large mass on the back of her tongue that turned colors.  from white to black.  It was non cancerous, benign and now at the age of 14 it is back.  It has been back for awhile.  It is large white tumor like on the back of her tongue.  The doctors want to remove it again.  I cannot find anything on this that is not sexually related.  It looks similar to a large wart.  The doctors are always perplexed.  Have you ever seen anything like this before. Now that she is older she is very self conscious of this.  I am afriad it will grow back again.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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I would be interested to know what the pathology report was. I am sure they biopsed it at the the time of its removal. Who removed it initially? A ENT or an oral surgeon. I certainly would have it removed and biopsed. I can not tell you if it will reappear without knowing what it is.
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My seven year old has a similar growth on the front underside of her tongue. It started out small and looked to be what we as kids called a tast bud sore. Over the course of the past 4 weeks it has grown however from a pin tip size thing to the size of the end of a pen cap. It goes from white to black in color and at times has a reddish tinge in the center. She has complained at times that it hurts. The doctor knodded and smiled when I explained our "issue", but the look on his face soon changed when he admitted he had no idea what it was. Now we are being sent to a specialist in dermatology.....
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