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tooth abscess and swollen cheek

I have had Abscess' in my mouth off and on for about a year now due to a few broken teeth. I was unable to get them extracted due to my hectic work schedule. I am going to be seeing the dentist soon to have them removed and taken care of. I have a couple questions about how I have been taking care of the abscess' though.  The first 2 were not that bad. They were almost like a pimple I popped them and cleaned them out and all the swelling went down and pain went away. I took antibiotics to keep the infection from getting worse...I just got my 3rd one while waiting to go to the dentist. have my methods of cleaning the abscess' out after popping them the best approach.I also rinse with salt water and mouthwash aside from regular brushing. I am very pain tolerant so it's no trouble in do this. I just wanted to make sure I am not causing further problem.
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Its possible that you may have had large fillings which structurally weakened your tooth and eventually these fillings broke off but there is most likely cavities that infected the pulp and has resulted in your abscesses.  It is possible that your teeth are sound and that you have an abscess originating from the gum/bone attachment rather than the tooth itself.

Popping the pimple releases the pus and helps to drain the area and the antibiotics also help to keep the infection in check.  I would recommend swishing with a warm salt rinse to help pull fluids from the swelling to help reduce it.  

The best course of action is to treat the actual infection though and to resolve it.  Unfortunately the methods of draining the pus out only help to slow down the infection but it will potentially worsen.
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I would like to further add to this. upon seeing dentists about my teeth I have hear numerous things. the dentist I am currently seeing and trusting with noticed during my checkups that  the teeth did not seem to be breaking from decay and he could not figure out why. now I recent;y had been doing research on amalgam fillings fillings since my fiance noticed all the areas of my teeth that broke first and are breaking the most are areas that have amalgam fillings in them. Could these be the reason my teeth have broken?
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